Celebrating the career success of women on International Women’s day

For our March event we co-hosted an event with Biotech Connection Singapore which celebrated the diversity of career pathways available to women within science and technology. 

The panelists were from academia; Linda J. Kenney, Principal Investigator, Mechanobiology Institute, NUS, Industry; Julie Olszewski, Executive Director of Global Innovation Hub, MSD International GmbH and entrepreneurship; Siew Hwa Ong, Chairman of BioSingapore, Director & Chief Scientist, Acumen Research Laboratories. Each shared openly about the complex mix of passion and dedication that they brought when pursuing their individual fields of interest and how that brought them career satisfaction.  

After taking audience questions and imparting their advise on finding women you look up to as career mentors and champions to help guide your individual career journey we broke for a dinner and networking. Although not at our usual cafe the combination of members from both Biotech Connection and the Singapore Women in Science network made for an interesting night, with plenty of new people to talk to. We hope you all enjoyed the event and look forward to hosting you in April for our next event.