SgWIS talk by Dr Lakshmi Ramachandran and Ms Anupama Murali on Imposter Syndrome – How to move from “Am I valued?” to “I am Valuable!”


April 28, 2021    
5:30 pm – 6:45 pm


Imposter Syndrome is a condition of being in self-doubt and feeling inadequate, attributing their success to sheer luck, something more than 70% of achievers are estimated to suffer from at some point in their career.

The objective of this talk is to raise awareness about why one may experience Imposter Syndrome through the exploration of 4 key factors that contribute to this condition. Secondly, the talk delves into the diverse nature of Imposter Syndrome as one size doesn’t fit all. Thirdly, participants will be taken through exercises and given a 3 pronged approach to manage Imposter Syndrome

The purpose of this talk is to raise self-awareness and increase self-worth, enabling individuals to move forward from to Self-Doubt to Enoughness, a state of being sufficient and adequate.

The intent of this talk is to enable the participants to Embrace the Leader within through Enoughness.

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