Singapore Women in Science event with Susan Bennett


August 15, 2017    
5:30 pm – 6:30 pm


IMB seminar room
Level 6, Neuros Building, 8 Biomedical Grove, Singapore, 138665

We have an amazing and dynamic speaker at our next Women in Science event. She is Susan Bennett, Director, Digital Health Studio, IT Planning & Innovation at MSD International GmbH (Singapore Branch)

She is an experienced innovator and general manager. Her foundation is in designing and engineering systems. Over the course of 25 years, she continues to learn new skills in design, product and business development. As result, Susan has used innovation to pivot across several industries: oil & gas, telecommunications, agriculture and life science.

Recently relocated to Singapore, Susan works for MSD International. She leads a digital health studio: an innovation lab that aims to understand the healthcare consumer, identify insights and solve problems. The lab also works co-creatively with partners and start-ups.

Susan earned a B.Sc. in Systems Design Engineering from University of Waterloo, Canada. In 2008, for 7 years she continued formal studies through a private education institute, the Aji Network, that provides business philosophy education with roots in biology and linguistics in the legacy of Humberto Maturana, Ph.D. and Francisco J. Valera, Ph.D.