WIS event with Prof. Elena Lurie-Luke


September 19, 2017    
5:30 pm – 6:30 pm


IMB seminar room
Level 6, Neuros Building, 8 Biomedical Grove, Singapore, 138665

Our next speaker for Singapore Women in Science is Prof. Elena Lurie-Luke, Head of Global Life Sciences Open Innovation, Corporate R&D and is currently based at P&G Innovation Centre in Singapore.

Elena has been with P&G for 21 years and has moved to her current role 10 years ago. Before that she has worked in HealthCare Division where she had a wide range of experience including GMP audits of non- western suppliers, global product design and professional credentialing.

Elena was born in Russia and has degrees in Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology, and PhD in Biochemistry from M.V Lomonsov Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology. Before joining P&G she worked as an Assistant Professor at the Biotechnology Department (M.V Lomonsov Moscow State Academy of Fine Chemical Technology) and then a postdoctoral scientist in department of Surgery, Northwick Park Institute For Medical Research.  In addition to her biochemistry degrees, Elena’s work with healthcare professional in Western Europe as well as her presentations and publications in healthcare peer reviewed journals enabled her to become a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Her work in P&G C+D (Open Innovation) has been recognised by becoming a company expert in the Open Innovation Technical Mastery. Her current responsibilities include development of novel Open Innovation Collaboration Models, establishing strategic collaboration relations to enable P&G C+D programme and   identifying and developing best-in-class solutions/opportunities elsewhere to address the top P&G need.  In recognition of her work and technical expertise in bioscience, Elena has been appointed to be a Visiting Professor in the School of Biological & Biomedical Sciences in Durham University.