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A listing of events which are hosted for women in science, technology and the medical research industry looking to network and advance their careers.

The Singapore women in science network partners with many groups to help promote events which would be of interest to our network members. You can find these events listed below. 

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ARTSCI - Scientific Illustration Masterclass - Brought to you by SciGlo and Sci-Illustrate

After the overwhelmingly positive response to ARTSCI 2017, SciGlo and Sci-Illustrate bring to you once more, ARTSCI 2018. 

ARTSCI 2018 is a scientific illustration workshop, focussed entirely on equipping young scientists and investigators with the illustration skills they require to excel in their day-to-day roles as researchers.

ARTSCI 2018 poster_230618 2.jpg

From publishing, conference presentations to making posters, illustration skills are imperative to excel in academia and industry and to communicate your science effectively. Focussed on the life sciences, we will train you on how to use professional illustration tools and will provide you with various strategies to approach tricky illustrations that you might often encounter. We will show you how Nature gets its beautiful Illustrations, and by the time we are done, you will know how to make some just like them!

This workshop is organized just once a year, and we have only a limited number of seats available. Reserve yours here.

Come, join us for a day of learning visual communication and scientific illustration, the way it is supposed to be done!

L1 - Beginners and L2 - Advanced sessions available. You can choose to attend both sessions