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Academic Women in Science Associations

The Mechanobiology Institute Women in Science Initiative – MBI-WIS

The Mechanobiology Institute Women in Science (MBI-WIS) at the National University of Singapore is an organization of graduate students, staff, post-doctoral fellows and faculty dedicated to achieving equity and full participation of women in all areas of science.

The goal of MBI WIS is to advance women in science and to discuss and make the research community aware of past, present and future challenges. We seek to increase the participation of women in science at all levels, and to enable the advancement and success of women scientists.

Our mission is to encourage the women of MBI, NUS, Singapore, and beyond to become involved in mentorship, networking and outreach, as well as participating in seminars and discussions on this topic. MBI WIS organizes events, such at the BIOS series of symposiums, and sponsors in-house Career talks for the benefit of our students and staff.

An integral part of MBI WIS’s mission is the organization and promotion of events and activities furthering opportunities for women in the sciences. Our members are involved in mentorship, networking and outreach—from participation in seminars and discussions, to the conception, creation and deployment of our inaugural symposium, BIOS, founded in 2015.

More about our mission and events, including our calendar for upcoming events can be found here. You can follow us on our Twitter page and find our Facebook page or email us here

SingHealth Duke-NUS Women in Science Network – WinS

Launched in March 2017, the WinS Network provides a platform to connect the women in science and academic medicine in the SingHealth Duke-NUS Academic Medical Centre (AMC) community.

The Wins Network welcomes any woman on campus who considers herself a “woman-in-science” to join our activities centered on the following objectives:
· Providing opportunities for professional development and training through targeted training workshops or open seminars
· Encouraging regular networking and peer support through social media or via email communications
· Facilitating social events (e.g. coffee/tea sessions, information-sharing evenings) to promote friendship amongst the community
· Building mentoring relationships between senior and junior women academic and clinician researchers

 For more information, please contact Asst Prof Ann-Marie Chacko or Ms Yogeswari Vikiraman

National University Health System Women in Science and Healthcare – NUHS WISH

The NUHS WISH Project was conceptualized in 2017 with a vision of “Advancing women in science and healthcare”. Our mission is to empower and support women in healthcare as leaders in education, research, clinical practice and administration.

The goals of the WISH Project are:
· To promote sustainable strategies to enhance an institutional climate of inclusion, equity, opportunity and well-being
· To collect, analyse and apply data in order to understand the state of women in the NUHS and to inform institutional and individual decisions and actions
· To develop and disseminate initiatives, resources, mentoring and professional career development programmes
· To recognise and celebrate women’s accomplishments
· To create opportunities for networking
· To work with other institutions and groups to advance women in healthcare and science nationally

For more information contact A/Prof Sophia Archuleta or Ms Sharon Wok

Women in Engineering, Science and Technology at Nanyang Technological University – WiEST@NTU

Women in Engineering, Science, and Technology (WiEST) is part of the Women@NTU Initiatives to bring together members of the NTU academic community to share research advances, to build networks, and to support mentorship and professional development for women, with the goal of achieving diversity across these disciplines.

The flagship programs under WiEST@NTU are
1. WiEST Symposium– Held biennially in January, it features high-profile women speakers to showcase their achievements is an important and opportune platform for encouraging and inspiring young women in our society to embark on careers and contribute to the world by not only engaging in but also persisting in the curiosity-driven world of engineering, science, and technology.
2. WiEST Conference Grant– Established jointly by The College of Engineering and the College of Science at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), the Conference Grant aims to facilitate networking opportunities for young women engineers and scientists to embark on their careers.
3. WO+MEN fEST– Women and Men for Engineering, Science, and Technology– held annually on Marie Curie’s birthday (7 November) this event is an initiative to bring together women and men to share their passions for exciting advances in engineering, science, and technologies with our community through discussions that are inclusive of practitioners, supporters, and the masses.

More information can be found online here
Contacts: Sierin Lim and Kimberly Kline | Secretariat: [email protected]
Follow us at: Twitter – @WomenAtNTU | Instagram – Women@NTU | LinkedIn – Women NTU

Women Empowerment and Volunteer Organisations

HER Planet Earth

HER Planet Earth is a global women’s advocacy movement that promotes a deeper connection between women empowerment and the integrity of the environment.

The group’s strategy is to organise activities to increase awareness and raise funds for programmes that empower and educate underprivileged women and engage them in environmental issues and conservation activities.

HER Planet Earth partners with nature lovers, environmentalists, polar explorers, adventurers, women’s rights advocates, feminists and NGOs that have programmes and structures in place dedicated to building a deeper connection between gender equality, genuinely sustainable development and the protection of the environment.

To find out more about how you can get involved, what events and expeditions are coming, please visit their website: Contact details: [email protected]

Lean In Singapore Women in Life Sciences/Healthcare Circle

Women in Life Sciences/Healthcare Singapore is set up to empower, inspire and support professional women in the life sciences and healthcare industries, which include the biomedical, biotechnology, diagnostic, health informatics, healthcare, medical device and pharmaceutical sectors.

We want to provide a collaborative platform for individuals in the same industry and build a network of women who can lean on each other, to help each other achieve our professional and personal goals. We organise bimonthly meetings for members to come together, discuss issues that women commonly face in their personal lives or the workplace and find ways to overcome them. Discussion topics are championed by a circle member who will then have the opportunity to lead the session. We highly value confidentiality and aim to be a safe and inclusive space for women to share their thoughts and opinions. As such, the circle meetings are for members only and interested parties may sign up through our website or contact us at [email protected].

As a participant in Lean In’s Circle program, the Women in Life Sciences/Healthcare is using Lean In’s name, program logos and other branded materials under a license from LeanIn.Org. Women in Life Sciences/Healthcare is an independent group, and LeanIn.Org does not control its activities. Visit to learn more about Lean In and its programs.

Women in Asia (WIA)

Women In Asia is a collaborative community that brings together catalysts, thinkers and thought leaders to bridge cultural and gender differences, and to promote a better understanding of the diversity and richness of Asian narratives. Our vision is to create a space where we can showcase a curated Asian perspective on various topics, including emerging trends, entrepreneurship, culture, Asian research and social causes etc. We want to amplify thought provoking ideas, stories and unique observations within the region and share them with the rest of the world. We welcome everyone who is curious to know about Asia or has a story to share and create a world beyond culture and beyond gender.

To learn more visit, follow WIA on Facebook, or contact [email protected] or [email protected].

United Women Singapore (UWS)

United Women Singapore (UWS) is a local non-profit organisation with Institution of Public Character (IPC) status. It advances women’s empowerment and gender equality and builds a pipeline of women leaders and influencers in Singapore. The organisation works towards narrowing the gender equality gap through education and raising awareness and advocacy on issues such as anti-violence and women’s empowerment, with the support of key stakeholders including corporate partners, government agencies, academia, the diplomatic community, non-profit and community groups and the wider community.

For more information, please visit Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. To contact us directly, please email [email protected]