New podcast about scientific careers in Singapore

Join the Singing Dancing Scientists in discussions of science in the real world and an exploration of life outside academia! 

The Singing Dancing Scientists are a pair of scientists who talk about current scientific breakthroughs and life after getting their PhD’s. Their podcasts covers two main topics. Life after PhD explores non-academic career paths and is perfect for scientists who looking to expand their careers outside of academia. Science Now covers new and exciting scientific breakthroughs using clear and simple language, thereby clarifying any misconceptions that have surfaced in the media. 

The first episode of Life after PhD is about a career as a Polytechnic lecturer (vocational teaching) in Singapore. Based on informational interviews and networking with current lecturers, this episode summarizes how teaching at a Polytechnic is different from lecturing in the University, what the job consists and what candidates are suitable for the job. 

You can listen to the podcast here.